Six abstracts were co-authored by members of the CCO at the first AACR Engineering and Physical Sciences in Oncology Meeting in Boston, MA.  Listed below are the abstract titles presented by the CCO:

Predicting response to whole brain radiotherapy in a murine model of glioma. Hormuth II DA, Weis JA, Eldridge SB, Miga MI, Rericha EC, Quaranta V, Yankeelov TE.

A finite element model of perfusion and diffusion within tumors based on dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging. Woodall RT, Eldridge SB, Sorace AG,Yankeelov TE.

Calibration, selection and validation of tumor growth models. Lima EABF, Almeida RC,Hormuth II DA,Yankeelov TE,Oden JT.

Multiple spatio-temporal scale modeling with application to brain cancer. Rahman M, Feng Y, Yankeelov TE, Oden JT.

Predicting the response of triple negative breast cancer to doxorubicin. McKenna MT,Eldridge SB, Weis JA, Searfoss AM, Tyson DR, Rericha EC, Miga MI, Quaranta V,Yankeelov TE.

A Window into 3D culture: A multi-modal imaging compatible bioreactor for developing tumor growth models. Searfoss AM, McKenna MT, Quaranta V,Yankeelov TE, Rericha EC.