Tessa Davis

Tessa has a Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Mayo Graduate School and joined the CCO in 2017. At UT Austin she serves a multi-faceted role as the Yankeelov Lab Manager and Engineering Scientist assisting in pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo experimental design. Her current research interests are in the use of a bead-based multiplex assay (Bio-Plex) to measure Her2 signaling pathway protein levels (total and active) over time in response to trastuzumab and to combine this with longitudinal imaging of cell growth and apoptosis (Incucyte) to create and calibrate a mathematical model of the Her2 receptor signaling pathway. Using this approach, we can then validate our model with additional experiments and potentially with other cell types, treatments, or conditions. Ultimately, we hope to combine this model with cell-level agent-based models for tumor growth, to predict how a particular breast tumor will respond to treatment given its environment and the presence of other factors such as drug delivery, hypoxia, and immune response. The end goal of this effort is to employ these models to tailor treatment regimens, maximizing therapy while reducing side-effects. .