Dr. Angela Jarrett presented her presentation titled "Integrating multiple scales and imaging modalities to predict tumor response for individual patients and generate personalized therapy regimens." at the annual IMAG-MSM meeting 


Her work has been on extending her established model of breast cancer response to therapy to incorporate the effects of targeted therapies. Specifically, she interlaces MRI data and positron emission tomography (PET) data estimating the dynamics of targeted drugs. The results of this extension suggest that the mathematical model can be predictive of tumor response by MRI in the clinical setting using data at the earliest times of therapy. With in silico studies, she illustrates how therapeutic regimens can be selected for individual patients for better tumor control, revealing that standard regimens may not be the most effective for every patient. As a proof-of-concept, she demonstrated that MRI and PET data can be combined in a mathematical model to improve predictions of patient-specific tumor response to combination chemo- and HER2-directed therapy.