CCO attended the Livestrong Cancer Institutes retreat on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, and took home 3 outstanding awards [as seen below]. These prestigious awards showcase the excellent research and researchers we have here at the Center. Join us in congratulating David, Anum, and Grant!

  • Top Science Poster Award at the Postdoctoral Level to David Hormuth [pictured above]

    Title:   “Predicting in vivo tumor growth and angiogenesis with an MRI calibrated biophysical model”

    Authors:  Hormuth DA, Jarret A, Feng X, Yankeelov TE.

  • Top Science Poster Award at the Graduate Level to Anum Syed

    Title:   “Quantitative in vivo imaging of intratumoral heterogeneity to assess tumor response to trastuzumab therapy in a murine model of HER2+ breast cancer.

  • Top Science Poster Award at the Graduate Level to Grant Howard

    Title:   “A mathematical model of chemoresistance which incorporates in-vitro population heterogeneity