Physical Sciences in Oncology Network 2019 Kaitlyn Johnson attended and presented at the PS-ON Mathematical Oncology Meeting in Portland, Oregon.  She discussed her paper entitled "Stochastic models for revealing the dynamics of the growth of small tumor populations with a cooperative Allee effect."
International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine  2019 Julie DiCarlo, Kalina Slavkova , Jack Virostko, and Chengyue Wu all presented at the annual ISMRM meeting in Montreal. Below are their abstracts presented in Montreal.

Patient-specific characterization of breast tumor-associated flow using image-guided computational fluid dynamics. Chengyue Wu, David A. Hormuth, Todd A. Oliver, Federico Pineda, Gregory S. Karczmar, Robert D. Moser, and Thomas E. Yankeelov

Investigating the feasibility of performing quantitative DCE-MRI in an abbreviated breast examination Kalina P Slavkova, Julie C DiCarlo, Anum K Syed, John Virostko, Anna G Sorace, and Thomas E Yankeelov

Parenchymal Enhancement in Peritumoral Breast Tissue During DCE-MRI Reflects Response to Neoadjuvant Therapy John Virostko, Erin M Higgins, Chengyue Wu, Anna G Sorace, and Thomas E Yankeelov
Quantitative Imaging Network  2019 Julie DiCarlo presented at the annual QIN meeting in Bethesda. She reported on our groups efforts to incorporate quantitative MRI data into mathematical models of tumor growth and response in breast cancer.